==>It's been hours, maybe days, but you highly doubt that fact. 
you can't tell how fast time is physically passing, but you know by
fullness that the air around you is making you drier than a
fuckin' shell.
==>Your gills ache.
==>You look down.
==>Only spikes surround your platform.
==> . . . 
==> . . . 
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==>vwell shit.
==>vwell shit.
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==>your coordinates aren't reading
==>your coordinates aren't reading
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vwhere am i
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The best part about not being the bad guy, is that there is always some fucking retardation in people that makes you one. Doesn’t matter what you say, what you do, what you try to fix or what you try to make of yourself.

You are the villain of someone else’s story, even if what you believe you are doing, is right. 

So go. Be your villian. Be their Villain. Skin people alive by ratchets and split heads by the gap of your teeth. Rip each and every single paired friendship open. Open that can of worms, let blood fall. Tell others you care, to trust you, to care for them as if they were a small pitiful child waiting or their parents to come home.

Tell them they are beautiful.
                But only if they look like this.

Befriend them and make them yours.

                while taking them way from everyone they used to love.

Be your own villian—
before someone else matches your story and forces you to be.

Cronus runs his fingers along his forehead, to the scar that has nearly faded beyond its time. For a moment his lungs extend, filing with the dry air among him. His body aches, but is numb. His gills stretch and flex, but eventually shuts. He closed his eyes.

He doesn’t dream.

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is this like, otherkin—- just vwith anal.

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insgm huffed:
"Hey beauty, I felt like this one applied to you more than anyone else." Cronus chuckled, tapping his own mouth with the end of a finger. "Are you a sheep?" He lent inward, slipping a hand in one of his pockets. "cause your body is unbaaaaalievwable"



Oh Aradia was already excited at the sight of this troll; he always had the best pickup lines and she did not add them to her own collection,nope. She leaned forward a bit as well, excited.”Oh my goodness Cronus that one was beautiful,” she’s giggling, giving up a wink. “I’ve never heard that one before actually.”

Playing coy or anything similar to it was hard half the time. She was 100% too smiley or giggly for it to truly work but she was trying her hardest not to at the moment. She was about done with her cone anyway, waiting a moment to take a last bite before following suit in throwing away her trash.


Although she was going to lick the pad of her thumb to get that stray drop off of it. “I’m sure they’d love for you to try. Nothing wrong with that if you think you could do it,” a little giggle at the wink as the grin’s breaking out again. They were nearly the swings now—literally a few feet away. Aradia would claim the first one and lazily start to swing for the moment.

Cronus seem delighted. He took  the swing beside her, and although there weren’t’ as many children rolling about in the park as normal, at least at this end, there were bountiful kids playing in the slides. It was good they claimed them first. Although his boots ground against the grooves beneath him, he began to kick his legs, swinging his legs in big sweeps.

"Havwe you evwer tried getting in one of the tiny vwriggler ones?" He asked, cocking his head toward her. 

"Don’t tell anyone, but I tried to get my fat ass in one of those. Managed to get completely stuck. My moirail had to come and get me out—vwell. More like take me and the svwing vwith me, and not laugh his ass off in the process.”

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